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JHDCClassesWelcome to the Joel Hall Dancers & Center’s Adult Division — awaking the dancer in everyone’s soul.

Our Adult Division offers dance classes 7 days a week.

Whether you are an avid dancer … someone who just enjoys dancing recreationally … or someone new to the dance world altogether; we offer Modern Jazz Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern (Horton/Graham based), Musical Theater, and Tap.

At Joel Hall Dancer & Center our students will learn terminologies, proper technique, body awareness, strengthening and movement control, in disciplines from Classical Ballet to Modern and Jazz.

Adult training at JHDC continues to explore technique and numerous students go on to develop broader interests in the dance community: many perform with dance companies or go on to perform with other companies; they become educators; they become studio managers. Some dancers open studios, become teachers, performers or become members of boards of directors. Some go into other areas related to the arts. Yet others go on to other professions altogether.

Adults and children are held to the same standards in the discipline of the performing arts.  The focuses of all classes at the JHDC are based in the Lester Horton and Martha Graham modern techniques, Cecchetti ballet technique, and the Joel Hall Urban Jazz Dance Method.

Success begins with a person’s will.  It’s all in the state-of-mind.

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