Joel Hall Dancers at Bar Method South Loop

Bar Company

The Joel Hall Dancers are excited to announce that on Wednesday, April 5th, they will have the honor of being the first Featured Dance Company at Bar Method – Chicago South Loop!

A pioneer of barre-based fitness workouts, The Bar Method was developed under the guidance of physical therapists to reshape muscles, burn body fat and improve posture. It is a safe, fun, hour-long workout that uses isometric exercises to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups, followed by periods of stretching to elongate, lengthen and align the body. Students see immediate and noticeable results, regardless of fitness level or experience!

The Joel Hall Dancers have been invited to receive a special introduction to this innovative workout by Bar Method – Chicago South Loop owner, and former Joel Hall Dancers II company member, Julie Gerenrot.

“I’m so honored to announce The Joel Hall Dancers as Bar Method South Loop’s FIRST Featured Dance Company. I spent my formative dance years training and dancing at their studio in Edgewater, which is welcoming and accessible for anyone who wants to awaken the dancer within their soul.” ~ Julie

For more information on The Bar Method, visit Bar Method – Chicago South Loop‘s website HERE and visit their FACEBOOK page.



JHDC Photo Credit: Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth