Rakhi Shingala

Rakhi head (bwedit)Rakhi R Shingala, Dancer/Choreographer and Dance/Movement Therapist. Rakhi has been involved in dancing and stage performances since she was 15.  By age 17, she was choreographing dances for local groups and interested dancers at various events.

Rakhi pursued her dancing through proper dance training in Classical Indian Dance as well as Bollywood Dance in the popular “Shiamak Davar’s Dance Academy.”

Rakhi continued to grow as a dancer, choreographer while furthering her formal education in Dance/Movement Therapy.

Rakhi believes that dance is a wonderful form of expression for the body as well as the mind. Through the years, Rakhi has created special moments through this form of expression, through her heart touching and vibrant choreography for engagements, weddings and such other festive occasions.

Rakhi was recognized in Chicago Magazine in 2007 as a Bollywood Dancer/Choreographer.