Welcome to our “new & improved” website!

We want to take just a moment to welcome you to the new Joel Hall Dancers & Center website!

To many, welcome back and THANK YOU for your continued love and support!

Our site redesign incorporated much of the valuable feedback we’ve received from our parents, students, faculty and staff to help us achieve what we feel is a dramatically enhanced user experience.

Among the highlights:

  • Improved Overall Site Navigation — including a TopNav bar, with drop-down menus that stays with you on every page of the website — making it far easier for you to find your way around the site, and get to the information that you are seeking.  (To return to the Home Page at anytime, simply click on the phrase “Joel Hall Dancers & Center” on the upper left.)
  • “Responsive Design” — enables you to experience joelhall.org on whatever device and platform you prefer: desktop, laptop, Mac or PC, iPhone, Android or tablet devices, such as your iPad.  Our new site is also fully platform-compatible with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox … and more!
  • Built-in “Search” Feature — by using the search-box in the upper-left hand corner, and typing in a few words about the topic you are looking for, you can intuitively search through all the site content, and go directly to the corresponding pages to quickly get to the where you want.  (For example — if you search for “Urban Jazz Dance” all the references to that topic throughout the site will appear to you!)
  • Integrated Social Media Tools — enable you to easily remain engaged with Joel Hall Dancers & Center on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, among others.  You’ll be connected to the many things that are ALWAYS happening here!!

And we’re not done yet!  Additional enhancements, and content expansions, are “Coming Soon” in the weeks and months ahead to make your joelhall.org experience even richer!

Now, it’s your turn to “take a test drive” and let us know what you think — simply post your comments right here on this blog.  As always, we welcome your feedback and constructive suggestions for improvement!!

2 comments on “Welcome to our “new & improved” website!”

  1. Stephanie

    I love the easier navigation of the new site. There is fresh feel that has stayed true to the JHDC brand. Great work! I have just a few suggestions:

    -There is no contact info tab listed on the menu. I feel that there should be a tab clearly marked ‘Contact’. Only after perusing the site do you find a phone number and address under the drop down of ‘Location & Studio Hours’.

    -In addition to a ‘Contact’ tab being clearly visible in the top menu, I think a more detailed footer is also a necessity. The footer could consist of a couple of columns containing contact information, a contact form for emails, social media links, studio hours, etc. This pertinent information would then be available on every single page. You could even add the most recent Facebook posts from the JHDC fan page as another way to interact with clients through the website.

    – I feel like the header should also contain the JHDC Logo instead of just text that reads “Joel Hall Dancers & Center”.

    – There are also a lot of drop downs which can be confusing and/or intimidating if I am coming to the site for the first time. If I am a parent trying to enroll my child for the first time, I may not understand that “Youth Division” is the correct link to click in the long list of 9 drop downs. Consolidating the drop down menus means adding more pages but I feel like it is worth it to “hold people’s hands” through a more visual process of navigating the site. The length of these drop downs is especially highlighted when using a mobile device. This would be a simple fix having a ‘Classes’ link in the menu that takes you to a page where you choose between ‘Youth Division’ or ‘Adult Division’ with full descriptions of both. Then there could be a ‘Special Programs’ tab in the menu that would take you to a page that shows the ‘Satellite Programs’, ‘Workshops’, ‘Dance Intensives’, etc. I feel that this would clean up the menu and also improve navigability of the site. This same idea could also be applied to the rest of the menu. Instead of having 6 drop downs under ‘About’, have a single ‘About’ page that you click on. That takes you to a page that then can link to additional pages.

    -Lastly, I didn’t see class rates listed anywhere. Perhaps this is intentional, but parents and adult students alike frequently call the studio to ask what the rates are. As a customer, I prefer it when a place of business answers all of the questions that I might have before I have the chance to ask!

    I am so excited to see everything take shape as content continues to be updated and tweaked! Very exciting!

    • schiefelbein

      Dear Stephanie,

      Thanks for your detailed input … we are still in process of refining the site and incorporating many new features — (like a detailed footer, more sharing/social media tools, etc … you will see these enhancements in the weeks to come.) We still have a lot of content to load! 🙂

      But, we were able to easily add “Contact” info as a separate tab at the top as you suggested — good idea. Our goal is to definitely make the info more “findable” for our Users.

      We will look into the class cost situation — that may be a technical glitch. Thanks for the heads-up.



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