Construction Underway to Improve JHDC Studio

DSC06846We’re excited to announce that construction is currently underway at the JHDC Studio in Edgewater — thanks to a Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) Grant that we secured from the City of Chicago.

An array of changes big & small in several areas, Studio-wide are paving the way for an enhanced experience for our Staff, Students & Guests.

The first major project was the installation of our new outer doors which occurred on Memorial Day, when our Studio was “closed” for the Holiday — so as to minimize disruption to our critical class operations and rehearsals.

  • The primary purpose of these new outer doors is to help us moderate our winter heating, and summer cooling, costs by creating a “vestibule” buffer-zone.
  • The new doors also provide us with an added layer of security — and help a little with street-side noise from Clark street.
  • Additionally, the cracked glass side-window was replaced.  This improvement also helps brighten our front reception area.
  • We also had the cracked front window in Studio “A” replaced.
Additional projects to come in the days ahead, include:
  • TOTAL renovation of the Studio “B” bathroom  — including a new toilet, glass block window and renovated sink area.
  • Addition of electronic hand dryers — (so we can reduce some of our paper-costs) — and the installation of baby changing-stations, in our other 2 bathrooms.
  • HVAC system enhancement & some minor electrical repair work.
  • Improving our AC system — so the entire Studio will be better cooled this Summer.
  • Installation of ceiling fans in Studios “B” & “D” — which will also help us with better heating/cooling of these spaces.
Other repair work underway at the Studio.
At our request, the landlord …
  • … had the storefront black border repainted on the exterior below our windows.
  • … is also working with a roofer to address some minor leakage issues.
  • … will be replacing soiled & warped ceiling tiles throughout the space, that were damaged by roof leaks.
We appreciate your patience, and pardon of our dust, as we make all these improvements.  Hopefully they will be appreciated by one & all.