David Isaac Leef

DavidILeefDavid Isaac Leef has been a dancer for 38 years, having started dancing at age 14 with his high school dance squad, SHS Tigers. After high school David attended college at Columbia College as a Dance major but his fate was changed when he auditioned for a scholarship at the Joel Hall Dancers & Center, with whom he has now been for over 25 years. David has also been on scholarship with the Joseph Holmes Dance Center, Gus Giordano’s, and part of the summer intensive with Deeply Rooted. David has trained in ballet, jazz (urban, Fosse, and lyrical), jazz funk, Graham, Horton, and Dunham-style of modern, West African, voguing, Jamaican dancehall, street and club-style hip hop, along with different styles of Latin and regular ballroom.

David has been teaching at the Joel Hall Dancers & Center for over 18 years as a teen division hip hop and jazz teacher, and an adult beginning jazz, hip hop, and choreography teacher.