Elementary Classes (7 to 11 yrs.)

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Ballet (7 to 11 years old):
Begins to build a foundation for more in depth technical training. The class offers a distinct level of training that includes structural dance expression through dance terminology and exploring dance technique in space and understanding of choreography.

 In this class, the young dancers will develop a strong foundation for a more formal dance study by strengthening movement/locomotion skills/flexibility and by stimulating rhythmic awareness and expressiveness.

Hip-Hop (7 to 11 years old):
The class will include a weekly warm-up, beginner and intermediate hip-hop steps, followed by choreography. Artistic expression is encouraged. Basic break-dance skills, strength moves and isolations will also be introduced.

Jazz (7 to 11 years old):
Class will cover technique, terminology and the Jazz style of Joel Hall.  Throughout the year, students will learn Jazz steps, turns and movement while increasing strength and flexibility.

Modern (7 to 11 years old):
Students will be learning a combination of Horton, Graham and Limon modern techniques, as well as, how modern is influenced by african movements. Strengthening of a person core and increase in flexibility are key attributes.


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