Give the Gift of Dance – JHDC Gift Cards & Donations

Dance means so much to so many people, but a good Dance education, such as the one we provide here at the Joel Hall Dancers & Center, can be costly – for both the student and the provider.  This holiday season (and beyond), JHDC asks that you consider giving the gift of Dance.  Here are two ways in which you can:

Want to help the dancer in your life get a “leg up” in their training?  How about presenting them with a gift card?



One of the goals of JHDC is to provide for all, affordable and accessible dance classes EVERY day!  This cannot be done without great financial expense.  If you love what we do here and want to help us with our mission of using the arts to enrich the lives of its community through dance performance and education, then please consider making a donation.



Thank you so much for your consideration.

Happy Holidays!

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