Merrick Mitchell

Chicago-Dance-Instructor-Mitchell-MerrickArtistic Co-Director
JHD II — (Our Trainee Company)

Merrick M. Mitchell began taking dance classes while majoring in biology at Illinois State University. After earning his B. S. degree he returned to Chicago and started taking classes with Julian Swain who also suggested that he take ballet classes. Later on Mr. Swain invited Merrick to dance with his company Inner City Dance Theatre. 

Yearning for more Merrick auditioned for Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre where he danced featured roles under the artistic directions of Joseph Holmes and Randy Duncan. While dancing in JHDT he sought out the Boitsov Classical Ballet School to continue studying ballet. Mrs. Boitsov offered him a role in her production of the full-length ballet Pinocchio.

Merrick has appeared in numerous productions in the Chicago area as a guest artist with Bryant Ballet, Columbia College, Mayfair Academy of Fine Arts, Dance for life, Duke Ellington´s musical revue, Jump for Joy, Luster Product “Man Hunt of the Year Awards”, and the “Amoco 100th Anniversary Celebration.”

He is certified in Beginning and Intermediate Pilates mat and trains in Pilates with Linda Spriggs. Currently Merrick is a veteran member of the Joel Hall Dancers and teaches Graham based modern classes at the Joel Hall Dance Center and Boitsov Classical Ballet School.

He has studied under teachers who were taught by Martha Graham as she developed her technique, as well as danced in her company. 

He also teaches in the Chicago Public School system, and is a very active member of his church. Merrick is blessed and thankful to be able to continue to share his craft

Company = JHD II (Assitant Artistant Director)