Special Event: The Legacy of Joel Hall

JHLegacyAs a part of Chicago Dance Month’s celebrations, Joel Hall Dancers & Center presents The Legacy of Joel Hall – an examination of the rich history of the Joel Hall Dancers, their inception, and the ways in which Joel Hall Dancers & Center is a vital part of Chicago’s dance history.

Director Joel Hall and Assistant Director Jacki Sinclair will discuss the connections to and significance of music in Mr. Hall’s choreography, and the ways music is intertwined and utilized in Hall’s choreographic works. They will delve into the company’s mission, and Hall’s triggers for inspiration, resulting in the diverse works in the company’s repertoire, with select pieces of the repertoire being performed by the Joel Hall Dancers First Company.

The cost of this event is free* but the knowledge gained from attending this experience will be a priceless.


*Suggested donation: $5.00