Tarah Ortiz Durnbagh

OrtizStandardLeniWhiteTarah Ortiz Durnbaugh is proud to be in her 7th season with The Joel Hall Dancers. Her dance journey began over two decades ago in her first class at The Dance Shoppe in Waterford, MI, which was of course, jazz.

After graduating from Northwestern University, Tarah found her Chicago dance home when she joined the JHDC family in 2009 as a member of JHDII, and was promoted to JHD in 2010.

Today, she also performs with rhythmic performance ensemble Be the Groove, teaches at Kaleidoscope Dance in Skokie, and works in arts education administration at Urban Gateways, and choreographs for various theatre and dance projects across the city.

Endless thanks to family, friends, JHDC, and most of all Kevin and Ivy for the continued support and enthusiasm.