Teen Classes (12 to 17 yrs.) (OLD Pre. 1.13.17)

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Beginning Ballet (12 to 17 year olds):
Training in classical ballet through the french and Russian schools of ballet dancer with a year or less of training will learn discipline, poise, and confidence. Through exercises at the ballet barre as well as center work learning basic positions, steps, jumps, turns, locomotive movements, and leaps across the floor. Students will greatly increase their strength and flexibility.

Beginning Jazz (12 to 17 year olds):
The class will cover technique, terminology and the jazz style of Joel Hall. Throughout the year, teens will learn jazz steps, turns, movement, while increasing strength and flexibility.

Beginning Modern (12 to 17 year olds):
Students will learn various traditional modern dance techniques using breath, gravity, varied use of the torso, and expressive interpretation.  These classes include floor work, patterns of movement, stretching, and elements of improvisation.

Beginning Hip Hop (12 to 17 year olds):
This class will introduce young students’ to the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. Hip Hop is about personal style and expression. This high energy class can be taught to anyone with a passion to move, so no dance experience is required.

Beginning Tap (12 to 17 year olds):
Dancers with a year or less of tap experience learn tap technique, the different ways you make music with your tap shoes, and how to dance percusively. This class includes a lot of locomotive tap dancing, as well as, different combinations of steps great for working the dancers mid as well as coordination.

Intermediate Ballet (12 to 17 year olds):
Students will be focusing on varies techniques in Russian and Cecchetti ballet. Learning placements of body awareness, spacial awareness, and musicality.

Intermediate Jazz (12 to 17 year olds):
Student’s dance vocabulary will increase along with the pace of the class. Teens will learn jazz choreography, turns, leaps, while increasing technique, strength, flexibility.

Intermediate Hip Hop (12 to 17 year olds):
From R&B and House to Club and Pop, Hip Hop classes utilize upbeat music from various genres, in addition to the latest Hip Hop hits.  The resulting outcome is an energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.

Intermediate Tap (12 to 17 year olds):
Exploring more tap technique, tempo, and sequences. Learning tap terminology and strong rhythms is a big goal in the class.

Intermediate Lyrical (12 to 17 year olds):
This class will be a blend of athleticism and musicality. It will explore different qualities of movement, tempo, and diverse styles of music.

Advance Ballet (12 to 17 year olds):
Advanced stretching and strengthening exercises are given, barre work is continued with a greater emphasis on vocabulary and terminology. Musicality continues to be emphasized along with balance and coordination through the strengthening of the body core. Center work is introduced with continued focus on the positions of the arms, legs and feet using classical ballet vocabulary.

Advanced Jazz (12 to 17 year olds):
Technically and musically demanding and the class moves at a fast pace. This class continues to focus on correct technique, musicality and style development. Jazz history and choreography techniques are also introduced.