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During its 40-plus years of existence and throughout its various incarnations and locations, people from all walks of life have come through the doors of the Joel Hall Dancers & Center.  The one thing they all have in common is: they never leave the same person!

Dance, like all art forms, can touch and impact our lives in a myriad of ways.  Send us a letter or a video (or YouTube link) along with a photo of yourself. We want to hear from you!

  • When/where did you first encounter Joel Hall/JHDC?

  • Was there a specific class or teacher that left a particular impact on you?

  • Tell us about your first time seeing the Joel Hall Dancers perform or your favorite performance.How has the Joel Hall Dancers & Center, and Dance affected your life?



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See below for testimonials of those that have walked the Hall-way!

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Jessica Deahr
Jessica Dear
Artistic Director -
Chicago Dance Crash
Being a scholarship student at Joel Hall Dancers & Center during my college years changed my life! I had trained in dance since childhood but headed to college assuming I would get a "normal" job. I didn't think I was good enough for a dance career. The intense amount of classes I took at Joel's were so inspiring and (particularly Joel's Jazz Breathing class) cleaned up my technique so much that I decided to graduate college early to pursue a career in dance. Joel's style is unique, his energy is unparalleled, and the technique he teaches will supply you with the tools you can use for ANY dance style you pursue. Thank you Joel for all you do! I am so grateful for all I was able to absorb from my time there - from being a trainee to Jazz Dance World Congress with the First Company!
Favorite piece I got to perform: "Y2Day"
Piece that made me want to be a Joel Hall dancer: "El Gato Negro"
Piece I would still kill to be in: Joel's "Sade Suite"!

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Jennifer Gage
Artistic Director-
Alliance Dance Company
Joel came down to TN to teach at a summer intensive and set a piece on the company. A year later I was moving myself to Chicago to study with him and never looked back! Family then, family now. "El Gato Negro" changed every part of the way I danced, thought of dance, and everything I loved most about Joel and his unique and fantastic style of jazz. Thank you Joel for inspiring so many!
~ Jen Gage JHD Company Member 1999-2008

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Jennifer Samples -
Performing Artist

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